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This drama offered the not so cliche type of romance. Countless I repeated this drama. well In this drama he is a great little actor and he favored his dad a Nice cinematography. I don't like her character here. I know it's just a drama but those 2 fathers make my aggression rise. Dreamer Sep 12 2020 12:50 pm Think about it. It was not interesting at all. his dad finally approved of his girlfriend, praised her (something i'm sure he rarely does) and gi seok is like 'Okay I did one good thing right in my life and finally got my dad's approval!' she broke it off because she fell in love with someone else. This drama is slow but I loved it!! Absolutely best drama i ever watched. Yey. I’m currently rewatching OSN for the 3rd time...and counting :). Learn more about our use of cookies and information. I've been with this drama since HJM confirmed her casting & when they first dropped the episode last May, I stick with it till the end and I'm so glad that this series has been received so well by the public that equates that the hard work from the cast & crew of OSN paid off. would like to see a follow up to this drama that the problem with some dramas there too short, kreanne Jul 31 2019 7:17 am I get that she's not happy, I get that it's a long relationship, and I see how toxic Ki Seok is to her. fashion like she wears grandma's outfit. He keeps pointing out that he cares about her gettting hurt by being with a single father, but really, he's just belittling him just like his father belittling her father, hes the worst! Love this Drama...can’t wait for the next episodes. I haven't watched this drama because i don't like Jung Hae In. Eve Jun 10 2019 8:22 pm just started this drama finished epi 2 this is a 16 epi drama so theres little time to waste but the writer chose to drag these 2 epi too slow and nothing has been told this is not a 120 epi thing where the writer can afford to drag but a short form where every min should be counting im about to ditch this thing. It's not a sappy show at all, which is a relief. The latest from director Ahn Pan-seok, One Spring Night promises a complex story about love and expectations, and how the two ideas come into conflict in many different ways. I Also hope the story will not be like Pretty noona. While I like how Hung Hae In goes for dramas with a realistic take, I hated how things unfolded in this drama. I'm sure there are loads of couples that keep together because of how fickle and discriminatory the public treats divorce. Close. I see that there is the crazy mother... wherearetheturtles May 12 2019 7:25 pm Seo-in and Jae-in talk to a lawyer. Yu Ji-Ho: He knows how love feeling is...he is sure about it... that conversation they had in the pharmacy...very mature and direct to the point...both are interested and curious to know more about each other. If he doesnt have that superiority complex, i might take his side for being the victim, but no. Chu Jul 02 2020 11:32 pm she took responsibility for her part in their relationship failing. Or you should work at your relationship if you lost that spark instead of being curious about another guy. Ra Nov 21 2019 4:28 pm oh and jung in did break up with her boyfriend. Great Story and Cast did a great job. Julie May 30 2020 9:04 am Jessie May 12 2020 1:58 pm I now have my eye on this director and await his next with interest. Jeong-in is taken aback by Tae-hak’s presumptions. Good job to my crush, Jung Hae In. Enjoyed this show, but like so many other karmas the sound track is far too simplistic - when will they figure out that for 10-20 hours of video, you need at least an hour of music to go with it. Guess I'll pass. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); I hope no one finds Gi-Seok's behavior endearing because what he's doing is harassment. anyways enjoyed this drama jung hae in is one of my fave male actors and he has great chemistry with all female leads. But the whole cast deserve our deep appreciation, too. First time commenting on a kdrama. Ya'll have selective memory when it comes to Gi Seok but will throw Jung In under the bus. I began watching because of the similarities with SINTR, which I get that many dislike because of the last episodes, but I personally loved. val Jun 20 2019 9:49 pm Chel Jul 23 2019 3:25 pm This one is slower paced for sure, but no less brilliant. i guess she can read the future hahahahahahaha. I love to see you in another project with other actors! NK Jun 28 2019 8:16 pm So even if you say she's better, atleast JIN AH never cheated. Release year: When Lee Jeong-in and Yu Ji-ho meet, something unexpected happens. Jinjoo Nov 03 2019 5:44 pm remember he's super competitive and he has daddy issues. It's very well done, nice scenery, nice music, and it has the right balance without having to resort to nudity. Been watching this so many times on Netflix and also the bts on YouTube. Hae in is always doing his role interesting even if it's similar to something in the rain but here he portrays different. Stranger May 31 2019 3:17 am And btw.. SYJ would not have succeeded in bringing out the perkiness of the character and pulling off the comedic awkward scenes NATURALLY. Hii, can someone help me identify the song in chapter 6 minute 24:17? I love Han Ji Min she's so pretty and talented. @ val, you're damn right! I hope Jung Hae-In doesn't get typecast and recycled in only romance dramas. As I'm entering my late 20s I have started to observe and analyse many relationships around my surrounding and mine particularly. I don't think that's a series for everyone taste but for me that's one of a few "slice of life" drama that I really appreciate. @ hitomiS, yeah their emotional cheating was bad but the drama showed us why they kept going back and forth on their feelings. It is really bothersome to see the total lack of support from the mom which bring me to my previous comment....I gave up watching this drama ....hmmm. her daughter had been going through this pain without her knowing. So she gives them time to accept him. Rebelintruder May 26 2019 7:06 am first sign: remember contact details - phone number - and be surprise about it Its as if we are getting a peak of their life which is cool and draws me in. From Hae In’s acting I can see he really loves his son and they’re relationship is in a sense what is common. I was with one and i was one, and im not proud of it hahahaha.. Love them all!!! Gi Seok doesn't love Jung In. The girl is pretty but look at how she dress. LOL people out here putting most of the blame on the female lead has me wondering if we're watching the same show? xxxx Jun 22 2019 4:47 am The story is to look forward to. I love this drama but its really give me a headache and mental breakdown hahaha. Pls dont ever pair Jung Hae in to Han Ji Min. Am watching this for the 2nd time. Born on April 1, 1988, he made his acting debut in the 2014 television drama “Bride of the Century.” He won the New Star Award for his role in the 2016 drama “Yeah, That’s the Way It Is” at the 24th SBS Drama Awards. Hope to see him play a nonromantic character maybe be the bad guy ooo that would be fun. And watch this drama. But with syj and jhi the chemistry was better because only with the first episode you can feel their chemistry. Maybe the most realistic and relatable Korean drama. I'm glad that this drama received so well that they top the ratings in the 3rd act of the series until the end because it equates that their hard work paid off. Lol Highly recommended for those who want to watch a relaxing kind of Drama. Kdrama Chingu May 28 2019 7:21 pm orin Jun 01 2019 8:15 pm Well, SIS, you better practice what you preach! They all sound great!! I became their fan <3. he basically admitted he wouldn't have cared to try to improve their relationship and would have called it quits. Han Ji Min fan forever !!! Disappointed that it won't happen very soon but I am glad she declined. LOL Ji Ho asked her to stay, that he needed to talk to Gi Seok. I watched the first to fourth episodes, tbh they met my expectations. She only find new love. Ji Ho decided to keep showing her attention. What the heck?!!! be tired and resentful? I don't thing Jung In is a villain, they all have a complex background. Her acting also break it, not good. "We Could Still Be Happy"- great song. Ji Ho and Jung In are BOTH reckless as hell okay. We're recognizing how difficult her situation for a clean break is. I just think that hjm and jhi lack of chemistry this is my opinion, orin May 30 2019 1:03 am Noona who buys him food season 2 good game! I find a problem with the jilted boyfriend (Gi-Seok) seeking out the new boyfriend Ji-Ho. A not bad show kinda ruined by terrible American music. I do understand where the writer wants to go with the character develpment but I guess the relationship between the main characters is just not likeable for me. Jess May 29 2019 8:07 am I guess, most of the drama will take place at night. And i am quite happy with how things ends for everybody. Jung Hae-In Lover May 07 2019 12:51 am this week's episodes were intense and heart fluttering; our leads finally found their way with each other & confirmed their feelings with emotional depths on its layers. This is a little raw and a whole lot of ugly haha *i've watched the 4 eps on netflix btw*. Ji-ho wonders what’s best for Eun-u and whether to move forward. You’d be amaze that it’s the same actor. Maybe it’s just me cause I see most of people in the comments really enjoying this , but it’s definitely not my favorite. It's a nice and heartwarming snuggle up drama. It's called emotional cheating by the way, even if there is no physical stuff involved. First the soundtrack that plays on repeat in every episode several times. During the event, you will encounter a boss every 5 floors. But because it is Korea, she is still mindful how hard it is for her family. The overall story was okay given that it fought against the stigma that comes with being a single parent but the development was too slow, cha Sep 20 2019 12:05 am Jung Hae-In is always so good as acting the part of someone crazy in love. in all the drama that I saw is the first time that the main actor is a pharmacist (my future profession) it's a pleasure, I love this series, fighting. I wish she accepted the role instead. Because of the social norms in Korean middle class society, it's meant to show constrast what things look like, vs reality. I absolutely love One Spring Night and adore Jung Hae-In, he is totally sexy cute handsome...he is the full package?. I need something that is not too complicated and hectic. //]]>, //

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